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Picture the scene…

The cliff-hanger has been talked about for weeks. Everything has been building for the final episode. You have the phone off the hook; the mobile switched off. With your favourite tipple and snack, you sink into the sofa, confident you have worked out the final twist in the plot line. The opening credits role and then…

… you lose the TV picture.

Apart from the frustration and the nuisance of it, you wonder what on earth could be going in? After all, the system of Sky or any satellite receiver is not a complex technology, as such, with moving parts that can fail.

So, what could be going on?

In a nutshell, it could all be down to weather.

With all this sophisticated technology in terms of both satellite dishes and technology in general, we still cannot control or even predict the weather with any certainty. As try as we might, we cannot always escape nor prevent damage by weather wither.
We find as part of our Sky installation and repairs to Wishaw customers, that the vast majority of issues with cables and dishes are to the outside of the property – and weather being the main culprit.

  • Wind – being buffeted by the wind causes the arm and dish to vibrate. These vibrations will, over time, begin to weaken the fixings and so on, causing them to wok lose. When the wind blows, even the slightest breeze can be enough to knock the dish or arm out of alignment. Thus, the signal being transmitted becomes intermittent.
  • Rain – rainwater is, over a period of time, an erosive force of nature. Constantly pounding on the dish and the arm, rain can also cause some of the small number of metal components to rust. When this starts to happen, rain water can start to find its way into the cables and thus, compromise their ability to transmit the signal. Something that we can easily fix as part of your comprehensive Sky installation and repairs to Wishaw customer.
  • Sun – we may scoff when we talk of heat waves and sunny days because there are times when it feels like we don’t get any sun in all honesty but, when the sun does shine the outer casing of the cables will begin to heat up. Eventually, it will dry out and crack. And guess what? Rain will find its way in and your TV picture will be rubbish, causing the picture to freeze or to be lost all together.

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