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Picture the scene…

You settle down to watch the sporting event final. You have guests. You are all excited and nervous. You switch on the TV only to be disappointed. The picture freezes, scrambles, white noise ensues. Embarrassed, you blame the live transmission but you have a sneaking suspicion something is not right with your Sky set up. But what is it? And who can help?

In situation like this, you need our Sky installations and repairs service in Stirling.

The problems are simple – when you know what to look for!

There are many minor issues that can cause difficulties with pictures via your Sky set up, and thankfully the majority of them are easy to rectify.

  • Satellite placement – when dishes are first mounted to properties, they are placed in the position that gives them the best line of sight to receive the satellite signal. This may have continued uninterrupted for many years but, there are various things that can start to interfere with it. As ludicrous as it sounds, a swaying tree branch and falling leaves, if in sufficient quantity can cause the signal to be lost.
  • Weather – again, we find as part of our Sky installations and repairs service in Stirling that weather plays an important part in the quality of the signal from dish to set top box. Severe rain and wind can prevent the flow of the signal. In many cases, this is a temporary issues that is soon corrected when the poor weather passes.
  • Rust – there are connections between the satellite and the cabling which gives faultless performance over many years but again, can suddenly cause the flow of the signal to be interrupted. Replacing these rusty connections is also part of our Sky installations and repairs service to Stirling customers.
  • Age – many people will upgrade their subscription from time to time, and this may mean upgrading their set top box. What this means is, is that the technology in the home may be more advanced that other components in the system. Rectifying this is simple, with the replacement of older cables with more modern cabling.

The cost of Sky installations and repairs service in Stirling

The system of getting signals to pictures via dish, arm, and set top box is relatively simple and so when things go wrong, they are quick and simple to repair – if you have the knowledge and skills. Our Sky installations and repairs service in Stirling is competitively priced – and fast too. So why not call us?


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