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What can go wrong with a satellite TV system?

You can be forgiven for thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong with your satellite system but the truth is that there are a small number of glitches that can cause a problem or two. Luckily, with our Sky installations and repairs in Stenhousemuir on the doorstep, these glitches can be ironed out in no time (and with minimal cost too!).

When it is windy, my picture on the TV is awful! Why is this happening?

There are a few reasons why this might be occurring and our Sky installations and repairs in Stenhousemuir will take in a variety of factors to help determine the cause:

  • Loose connection – if the arm has worked loose and is being vibrated by the wind, it can mean that the data travel from one part of the system to the next is interrupted. This may mean a new arm.
  • Trees or shrubs – as odd as this may sound, if there is an overhanging tree branch and so on, when it is windy, the leaves and branches may be being blown in such a way that again, the signal is interrupted. This can be enough to decrease the quality of the signal to such a level that the picture quality is poor.

All of a sudden, the picture on my TV seems a lot less clear than it once was. Is there something wrong with my dish?

When this happens, there are a few reasons why the picture quality may be affected:

  • Older equipment – TV and technology moves on at such a pace that what was once a top end set top box is now a little behind the times. The data and signals being used are now more sophisticated than ever and thus, your set top box or, most likely the cabling need to be updated.
  • Local buildings – has the landscape around your home changed in recent weeks or months? There are times as part of our Sky installations and repairs in Stenhousemuir that new buildings in the area interfere with the line of sight that the dish needs in order for the signal to be received with sufficient quality.

This is certainly a signal quality issue and one that we can resolve.

I sometimes lose my signal when it is raining. Can this be stopped?

Heavy downpours, storms and so on, all affect the quality of the signal that the arm of the dish is able to pick up. In most cases, this last only the length of the down pour but, if you lose the signal completely, you will lose your signal.

It follows that the weather can impact on the dish and arm, and if you need help call to book an engineer and experience our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs in Stenhousemuir.


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