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Why and when will you need our Sky installations and repairs service in Rutherglen?

Cable and digital TV tends to present few problems. Just like analogue technology before it, there was very little that could go wrong with it. It was a case of catching waves, transmitting these down cables and into the TV set.

Sky and other satellite technology tends to do the same, with the process still simple:

Satellite transmit signals through the air that they receive in space from certain stations and other points. They beam these signals out continuously and when you switch on your TV, you satellite dish goes into action. The bowl shape dish captures these signals, bouncing them around for the arm on your dish to pick them up. Transmitted down the cables into your set top box, you are then able to watch your favourite TV.

Better still, all this happens with very few moving parts.

In spite of this, things do go wrong and when they do, you will need our Sky installations and repairs service in Rutherglen.

The simplest of things causing the biggest of problems

No one likes to lose their TV picture and the good news is that in some cases, this can be a short term issue related to weather. But when it does last longer than this, it is still simple to rectify and fix.


In the short term…

Weather can interrupt the flow of the signal and so the next time there is a downpour of rain, you may find that your signal is interrupted. Once the rain or other inclement weather stops, you picture should return to normal.

If it doesn’t…

It may mean many things, such as;

  • The protective outer layer of the sable has been compromised and water is seeping in, causing damage to the cable. This may mean the cable needs replacing, as well as new connection joints.
  • The dish may have been moved in the bad weather and thus, its line of sight has been knocked out. This means that you will need our Sky installations and repairs service in Rutherglen to re-sit the dish, as well as testing your signal quality.
  • The arm has been worked lose – this can happen when it has been windy. This may mean a replacement arm as it can also cause the joint to become weak, making repair difficult.

You do not have to put up with a ruined evening of TV watching! Call us about our Sky installations and repairs service in Rutherglen.


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