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When you may need Sky installations and repairs in Penicuik

There are many reason why you may need our Sky installations and repairs in Penicuik. Some problems that can occur build up over time but others happen with no warning.

Fortunately, Sky and other cable systems, along with aerials and so on, are all simply system – if you know how they work! – thus, diagnosing and repairing the fault is something that can happen quickly. All this is great news, as it means you can be back watching your favourite Sky channel or soap opera in next to no time.

What can go wrong?


Unfortunately, despite its relative sophistication, the weather can play havoc with a satellite fed TV signal. Take a look at some common issues we deal with as part of our Sky installations and repairs in Penicuik:

  • Wind causes vibration in the dish and its arm. Over time, this can cause basic connections and the arm to work lose. When this happens, the line of sight is compromised thus, the quality of the signal being received is too poor to give a good signal.
  • Rain can also penetrate into the sables, especially if the outer cable protection is cracked or damaged. Rain water seeps in causing the connection to be lost.
  • Ice can also cause damage to connections which again compromises the signal quality and strength.
  • The sun can heat the outer cable casing and over time cause this to crack. With rain and wind also playing their part, the signal carried from dish to set top box is not of sufficient quality to give the expected viewing experience.

Built environment

Things change. Buildings are built and although you may not think too much about this, they can block the line of sight of the signal from satellite to dish. The minimum quality of the signal being received needs to be 50%; anything less and the viewing experienced is marred with frozen pictures as well as complete loss of signal.

The answer is to re-locate the satellite dish to a better spot.


If you have had your Sky box for a long time, the likelihood is, is that as you upgraded your box, you possibly didn’t upgrade the cables. For example, the new 3D channels and TVs need to be supported by cabling and components that can process the increased amount of data and a suitably fast enough speed to give you the TV picture you expect.

Our Sky installations and repairs in Penicuik are cost-effective, with you back online watching your favourite Sky channels in no time.


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