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I’ve noticed that whenever it is windy, or even a whiff of the faintest breeze, my Sky reception seems to be lost.

My picture freezes from time to time. I reset the Sky box, switch things off and on again but it keeps doing it. It is not with any regularity nor is there a pattern to it. It just seems to keep on happening.

Can the dish work loose after a storm? Since the recent bad weather, my TV picture is really rubbish!

All of these customers could benefit from our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs service in and around Paisley.

Does weather affect your TV reception through satellites?

Yes it can. The dish in essence, acts in the same way as an aerial, just using different technology to read a different data format.
Just like an aerial on a property is subject to being buffeted and damage by storms, wind and rain, so is a Sky dish, and all its connections and so on.

Is your picture ‘breaking up’?

If you are losing your picture, or it becomes pixelated (broken up on the screen) or the picture keeps freezing, it is highly likely there has been some kind of weather damage to the outside equipment.

If there has been a recent storm or inclement weather, it can sometimes pay to have the dish and component parts checked as part of our Sky installations and repairs service in Paisley.

  • Storm damage – some satellite dishes are mounted on long poles and these can be susceptible to storm and weather damage. Even the slightest of movement in the pole can be enough to knock out the alignment of the dish, which results in an error message on your TV, something similar to ‘no satellite signal is being received’ or similar.
  • High winds – gales force winds are certainly strong enough to knock a dish out of alignment; in fact, a ‘one-off’ gust of wind can do this too! The result is similar and can lead to poor reception and picture quality, or a complete loss of signal. In some instances, as part of our service, we can look at relocating the dish so that a long arm is not needed, or we can strength the installation so that when it is buffeted by inclement weather, there is not is much of an impact on the signal, and therefore on the picture quality.
  • Excessive dish movement – weather, especially the wind, can also work to loosen to fixings and so on of the dish on to the wall, or other fixing. Over time, this constant movement in the connections will start to lead to signal loss. Easily diagnosed and fixed with our Sky installations and repairs service for Paisley customers. However, you will also need to be aware that when the weather is bad, the signal can be poor although this could be short term.
  • Cabling and connections – rainwater can find its ways in to the water proofed casing and so on a dish. This can lead to issues with picture quality too, but again it can be easily fixed.

Regardless of the problem, why not call us for a free onsite quotation?


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