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What can go wrong with Sky and satellite services?

Not much you would think, as they are a simple system. However, there are time when things can go wrong and frustratingly, you are left with a blank screen right at the point your favourite soap opera was about to start.

If this is the case, you need a prompt Sky installation and repairs in Motherwell and we are the right people to call. But what does go wrong with the system?

Mis-matched technology

We all know how quickly technology can move on. We had only just discovered the beauty of satellite beamed television picture, when three dimensional viewing became an option. The quality of television pictures is also far more sophisticated than it ever has been.

The only problem with this is that many of us are using our original set top box. And the original cabling too. The problem is, some of these enhanced picture quality programmes from high definition to 3D viewing are transmitted using an increasingly sophisticated signal, something that some of the cabling cannot handle.

As part of our comprehensive Sky installation and repairs to Motherwell customers, we check all the cabling and so on, to make sure it is not our dated when it comes to today’s technology. Upgrading cables to the latest one on offer can make all the difference to the picture quality, and the smooth flow of data from satellite to set top box to TV.

Things changed

How long have you had the Sky dished mounted to the wall of your property? A few months or a few years?

The surrounding area changes. Buildings are built, trees grow and neighbours build extensions. In other words, the surrounding area may have more obstacles in it and some of these may actually be preventing the smooth flow of information from satellite to dish.
Clearly, chopping down trees and knocking down buildings is not an option. Thus, if you find the TV picture is intermittent, it may be that the signal the dish is receiving and the arm is able to pick up is also intermittent.

The solution is simple: the satellite dish needs to be moved but, it is not a case of maybe moving it a few centimetres to the left or the right. Again, as part of our Sky installation and repairs to Motherwell customers, we ensure that the satellite dish is in the right place and able to receive a signal that is of the highest quality (the minimum is 50% quality but we always aim for higher).

Is your TV picture intermittent? Call us we can help.


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