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Sky installations and repairs in Livingston

There are times when the TV can seem so much more complicated. In the early days of television, there was one box in the corner of the room, connected to the mains power and with an aerial to catch the invisible waves.

Now, there are set top boxes, cable TV, digital TV, Freeview and all kinds of names and jargon to confuse us. Add into this the popularity of Sky services and dishes and it can all become a little less easy to understand.

In the main, people want to switch on their TV, find their favourite programmes and watch them. There are times however, when this can go wrong and the quality of the picture is impaired, or doesn’t come on at all.

As a result, you may be in need of Sky installations and repairs service in Livingston

Why you picture freezes, goes ‘fuzzy’ or stops completely

There are many reasons why;

  • The connecting HDMI cable between your SKY box and TV may not be of sufficient quality – these days, the picture we watch on TV is far brighter, bigger and more heavily defined. In other words, the quality of the picture is such that various component parts need to match this output. If not, the quality become impeded and thus, your TV picture is no what it should be.
  • Multi-room packages – Sky is not only a package available in the lounge. With the multi-room package, every room in the house could potentially have access to the all Sky channels. But again, if the correct distribution amplifiers and components are not in place, or connected wrongly, then the picture can freeze or be distorted. With Sky installations and repairs service in and around Livingston, you can soon have this problem rectified.
  • Interference – there are all kinds of things that can interfere with a clear signal to a Sky box. Some are external – like from other local masts and so on – with our Sky installations and repairs service in Livingston, we can identify these external factors and make necessary changes. Internal to your home, there may also be other electrical items that can cause a distorted or interrupted. Again, this can be easily rectified when you know how…

… and we know how! In essence and in a practical sense, Sky installations and repairs in Livingston are easily rectified when the symptoms of the issue are identified and understood.

If you are having issues or need help in anyway with your aerial, satellite, Freeview and so on, why not call us?


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