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Facts about Sky installations and repairs in Larkhall you need to know!

When we receive a call about our Sky installations and repairs in Larkhall, many customers will tell us that the problem has either been building for some time or, they have lost the picture to their TV ‘all of a sudden’. Other people will tell us that it seems to be an intermittent problem, that happens every now and then but doesn’t seem to follow any set pattern.

First, the good news – Sky systems, like other cables and satellite services, are relatively simple if you know how the system works. There are very few moving parts, meaning that repairs are not labour intensive nor mechanical. Our engineers tend to know what they are looking for, knowing the weak and vulnerable parts of the system where things often go wrong.

And even more good news is that more problems are solved quickly with our Sky installations and repairs in Larkhall.

Happens every now and then, with no set pattern

We are often called by people who are concerned that they seem to lose their picture every now and then, or it freezes:

  • Downpours of rain, storms or even high winds can all impact on the quality of signal being received by the dish from the satellite. There is no fault with your equipment, nor with the satellites whizzing around in space; it is simply the atmosphere blocking the signal. Once the weather has passed, the signal returns.
  • However, inclement weather of this kind can have an impact on the dish, the arm and the cabling. If picture freezing or loss does continue, it may be that the arm has moved, there is water leaking in to the cable or the dish has moved. These are all issues that can be easily rectified.

Happens all of a sudden

This may be as a result of rain finding its way in through a connector between dish and cable, happening quickly simply because the weather-tight seal has been broken. The connection and cable may need to be replaced.

We also consider the local environment too. If there is building work in the area, it may be that the building is now placing your dish in shadow, meaning that locking on to a satellite signal is nigh on impossible. Trees can have the same effect too.

Intermittent signal loss

There are times when every time you switch, the picture seems to be ‘sticky’. This can be because the cables that connect your set top box, TV and satellite are now considered too old or not sophisticated enough to transfer the high levels of data from one component to another.

We can work through all these possibilities and many others as part of our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs in Larkhall.


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