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Don’t miss your favourite programme again with our Sky installations and repairs service for Kirkintilloch customers!

Our lives are full of technology and no more so than in the lounge. We enjoy watching our favourite programmes and sit down at the allotted time for the latest instalment.

But there can be a few glitches with technology and in the case of your TV and Sky signal, you will be pleased to know that they are easily repaired…


We can’t control the weather but, we can control how much impact it has on the quality of the satellite signal to your Sky dish. Wind, rain and heat from the sun all take their toll of the equipment over time, as well will intense bursts of sub-zero temperatures.

It may be that if your signal is intermittent, then the picture quality on your TV may also be poor and intermittent. As part of our Sky installations and repairs service in Kirkintilloch, we can test the quality of the signal being received and advise you accordingly.

Immediate vicinity

It may be that some things have changed in the immediate vicinity of your home or property and thus, our Sky installations and repairs service in Kirkintilloch will be simply essential.

From trees and shrubbery, to new buildings in the immediate vicinity, your signal could be interrupted by these things. Again, without this signal reaching your dish in a way that is clear and uninterrupted, you could experience picture freeze or loss of picture too.

The equipment

There are very few, if any, moving parts in the dish or set top box but, there are connections and cabling that can, over time, either rust or rupture. It may be that some of these cables may need replacing, or failed connectors need to be replaced. The dish itself is rarely an issue although some people prefer to change their dish once it starts to rust or look a little worn.

Upgrading equipment

Another factor which many people do not realise affects the quality of their picture is when certain sections of the system have been upgraded, but another component has not. For example, you may have upgraded to a new set top box but the cable connecting box and satellite has not.

The new set top box may require not only more data, but data in an enrich format which is simply too much for the older cable.

As you can see, many of the supposed issues can be easily resolved with our Sky installations and repairs in Kirkintilloch. Why not call us today?


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