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You have been waiting to watch the final episode after the cliff hanger from the week before. You take is so seriously, you switch your phone off and wait, with baited breath, as the opening credits roll. Settling back in the sofa, you are tantalizingly close to finding out…

… and the picture freezes, or breaks up or disappears all together. The frustration is obvious and tangible!

On one hand, it is no big deal because there are all kinds of ‘catch up’ possibilities offered by Sky and other providers but, this loss of picture is an inconvenience. Considering how much customers can pay for some Sky packages, it is not something that you should put up with.

One solution is to opt for our Sky installations and repairs in Kilmarnock.  

Are the problems complex and the solutions expensive?

In the main, most issues that cause a disruption in the picture can be easily resolved. There are some common factors that contribute to a loss of signal, and thus the picture on your TV;

  • Have you just had a new box?

There are occasions when to access some additional channels of features, such as 3D viewing, you may have upgraded your set top box. However, if you have not replaced or upgraded various cables and connections, you may find the picture sadly lacking.
Occasionally, replacing the connecting cables with a more modern cable, capable of dealing with large amount of data from satellite to set top box to TV may solve the issue.

  • What’s the weather doing?

You would think in this modern age that we would have been able to create a satellite system that was not disrupted by the weather but, this is not the case.
This can be a temporary issue; for example, if the weather of bad – driving rain and wind – then the satellite dish can be disrupted in its efficiency of transmitting data from the arm to the dish, and then down the cables.

However, this is never a good thing to happen as over time, weather can cause more serious issues with the satellite dish and so on. If picture disruption is happening more often than not, and not just when the weather is bad, you need our Sky installations and repairs service in Kilmarnock.

The cost

The costs involved in Sky installations and repairs in Kilmarnock are not as expensive as you think. Don’t put up with a rubbish signal and fuzzy picture – call us!


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