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Factors we consider as part of our Sky installations and repairs in Johnstone

When we receive a call for help, it is usually because there is no TV picture or, if there is, it is fuzzy, breaking up or freezes on the screen. In most cases, the cause of the problem is easy to diagnose:

Has just starting happening? Does it happen every time you switch on?

If you have Sky and a satellite dish, all the channels you watch, whether it is BBC or a Pick TV will come through a satellite signal, captured in your dish and transmitted to your TV via the satellite arm and set top box. Rarely do we come across an issue where the problem rest with one channel and not another.

Some people call and say that the problem has been happening, on and off, for some time now

There are various reasons why this may be the case. Weather plays an important role in how well a signal is received from the dish to the satellite and to your TV. Sometimes, the weather can erode certain components such as the outer layer of the cabling, water seeping in to the connectors and the arm of the dish moving. The smallest of disruptions to the process of capturing and relaying the signal can make for a broken viewing experience.

And, it may not happen each and every time you watch TV either.

Some people call and say that the problem happened all of a sudden

In some cases, the impact of the loss of quality of signal can be catastrophic, leading to a complete loss of signal. For example, after being battered by heavy rain for some time, the water finally seeps into the connector between dish and cable, preventing the signal from being transmitted.

It might also be that the arm of the satellite dish has been moved with one large gust of wind. Thus, the quality of the signal is lost and you will have no TV picture.

Are our Sky installations and repairs in Johnstone expensive?

No, our prices and fees are incredibly cost effective.

The satellite system is relatively simple, with issues and problems easy to diagnose. There are very few, if any moving parts and so repairs are not mechanical. It can be as simple as pinpointing the connection that is weak, repositioning the dish etc. and the problem is fixed.

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