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Thinking of installing Sky at your Irvine property? Everything you need to know is here!

Do I need planning permission for a satellite dish?

In the main, you will find that you may not need planning permission, although there may be issues with installing one on a listed building. However, there are always solutions and as part of our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs service in Irvine, we can guide you through any potential issues.

Can I have the satellite dish in the front garden?

You may have seen this in a limited number of cases but unless the line of sight to and from the satellite and dish cannot be done any other way, then this is not an acceptable option. You may find that you receive a letter from your local council asking you to remove it.

Are satellite dishes only available in white?

No, satellite dishes are available in black too. The idea behind the satellite dish is for it to be as inconspicuous as possible, blending in with the property. Thus, many people opt for the black satellite dish as they feel this is less noticeable. There is no difference in price between either dish (if there is, you are talking to the wrong company!).

How do I know that I will get a good quality picture?

As part of our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs service in Irvine, we test for the quality of signal in different places around your property. We will need to look at the surrounding area, noting where there are trees or other blockages to the signal, such as properties and so on.

Just like aerials, it is possible to take a quick survey of the direction of satellite dishes in your road or area are pointing, and this will give some clue as the best direction for your own dish.

Is bigger better in terms of the satellite dish?

The dish is bowl shaped so that it captures and bounces the signal from the satellite to the arm of the dish. In essence, the smallest dish possible is used so that it does not look too obvious or out of place on a building.

Larger dishes only need to be used when there are clearly issues with line of sight, and being able to capture enough signal to give a good signal quality. Failing to do this will lead to picture freeze or disturbance.

If you are looking to install a new dish, or need some advice on any problems you are having, why not give us a call?


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