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Sky installations and repairs service in Hamilton

Over the years, the TV has been a source of information, education and fun. In fact, there can be very few properties left in the UK that do not own a television set, along with various set top boxes.

The TV is an integral part of many a family, providing entertainment on a daily basis. When there is no picture, and therefore no access to the daily dose of documentaries and soap operas, it can be disappointing and frustrating.

Is your signal getting through?

Our Sky installations and repairs service in Hamilton provides a comprehensive overview of how well your system is working and there are many factors that can impede the uninterrupted path data and satellite signals need to reach your TV;

  • Dish location – where the dish is located is important as it needs to be just right. Pitched roofs and overhangs can cause a real issue with a dish operating at its maximum capacity. If the signal quality reaching the dish and arm is below 50%, then the picture on your TVs will be incredibly poor quality. The solution can be re-aligning the dish or, in some cases, re-mounting the dish in an entirely different spot, both of which we offer as part of our Sky installations and repairs service in Hamilton.
  • Obstructions – it is a fact that trees grow and buildings can be built in the line-of-sight of satellite dishes and thus form an obstruction to the signal reaching your dish. There are also instances of when branches blown around in the breeze can also be enough to interrupt the transfer of data and signals from satellite to dish. Clearly, as part of our Sky installations and repairs service in Hamilton, we cannot knock buildings down and some trees can be protected, and thus, re-mounting and locating of your dish may be required.
  • Out of line – weather also has a habit of working fixings and cables loose on satellite dishes and so on and thus, any change in the horizontal balance of a dish can render the picture quality poor. The smallest of tilts, only degrees of movement, can cause a problem that is not rectified until the satellite dish is restored to a horizontal position – again, something we offer as part of our Sky installations and repairs service in Hamilton.
  • Weather proofing – we have just seen how weather can play a role in the poor quality of the picture transmitted to the TV can play and thus, if the weather proofing of the satellite and cables start to breakdown this can lead to poor quality pictures too. This is not something that is rectified over time and will need to be repaired.

If you are having issues with your satellite system, why not ask us about our competitively priced Sky installations and repairs service in Hamilton?


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