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Why do I lose my TV picture… and how can Sky installations and repairs in Greenock help?

The TV can, to some people, seem a lot more complex that it once was. With set top boxes and the like connected to the TV, what was once a simple operation can seem a little more complex with various components all needing to connect in order for you to watch TV.

There are many commons questions we are asked as part of our Sky installations and repairs service to Greenock customers. We attempt to answer some of them here but, if you are unsure why not call us?

I only seem to lose the picture when it is raining, which can be quite a lot in winter…

The weather can play a part on how well the picture is transmitted from the satellite to the dish, to the set top box to the TV. In some cases, this is a temporary affliction and thus, once the weather has passed, everything is fine.

However, if it keeps happening it may be that there is a need for our Sky installations and repairs service at your Greenock home.

Water can seep in through connectors and the like, causing the wires within the cable housing to malfunction. Also, if connectors starts to rust, they may not be making an adequate connection and again, this leads to a loss of picture.

These components may need replacing, and this is something we can do.

I’ve noticed my satellite dish moves in the wind. Is this OK?

No, because it means that the nuts and bolts holding to the outside wall are being worked loose as the wind buffers the dish.

This will be damaging the wall, making the attachment weak which could lead to damage of the dish too.

I don’t get a very good picture and I have been told my dish is not big enough. Is this true?

It may be and as part of our Sky installations and repairs service to Greenock customers, we would attend the property and take a look at the size of dish.

What could also be a possibility is that the dish is not in alignment and this too, can interrupt with picking up the satellite signal and relaying it to the set top box.

Are repairs expensive?

Most problems and issues are simple and easy to fix but only when you know what you are looking for. There are many symptoms when there is an issue with a TV and satellite dishes; why not call us to ask about our Sky installations and repairs on Greenock?


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