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There are all kinds of things that can go wrong with your sky signal box or dish but, in the main they are all relatively easy to solve.

Many people now see the TV as a far more complex and complicated set up than the early day of television broadcasting. Once connected to the mains and the aerial, all you did was flick the switch and there before you was either the test card (in other words, no one was broadcasting yet!) or a programme of some kind.

How times have changed! You can choose from over a hundred different channels, all beaming their programmes around the globe.

There can be issues however thus, you may be in need of Sky installations and repairs in and around Glasgow.

Poor Sky digital picture

Every Sky viewer will at times known the frustration that is a poor picture quality. The good news is that on most occasions, these are short term issue caused by weather or local repair work on the system.

However, there are times when the poor picture quality keeps happening. As frustrating as it is, it is not the long, drawn out or expensive repair process that you think.
Hints and tips on improving picture quality

  • Always connect your TV directly to your Sky set top box using a high quality HDMI cable - the quality of TV pictures these days are of the highest quality, including high definitions when the colours are vibrant. There are also channels that offer 3D viewing if your TV is compatible and you purchased the relevant package from Sky.

Older HDMI cables are not capable of carting the same amount of data and neither can they process the sophistication of the data too, hence resulting in poor picture quality. The answer may lay in getting a more modern and compatible cable.

  • Multi-room and distribution amplifiers – a popular package with Sky is the ability for different TVs in rooms across the house to access all the channels. This is great in a busy family home but, if the system is without the correct distribution amplifier, the resulting Sky picture can be poor. Again, easily rectified when you know how!
  • White noise – this is the black and white fuzziness that can be noisy too. There can be various causes on this, with one being interference from a Freeview box is this is connected or caused by a signal booster fitted to the system.
  • Interference from masts and so on – sometimes, masts and other UHF equipment close to your property can cause interference with your signal that can cause a drop in picture quality. The system will need adjusting but there may be times when it happens intermittently.

We can help to fix poor picture quality issues with our Sky installations and repairs service in and around Glasgow – why not give us a call for a free quotation?


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