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Common problems – and solutions – as to why your TV picture may not always be perfect…

… and how Sky installations and repairs are perfect for Falkirk viewers

Many of us invest in Sky TV and we do so for different reasons, from being able to watch the latest film releases to access viewing of the latest sporting events.
What can cause frustration and annoyance however, is when the viewing picture is interrupted. There are many reasons why this happens… and therefore, there are many solutions too.

When it’s windy, my picture can be intermittent but it is fine the rest of the time. Why does this happen?

There are two reasons why this happen;

  • Obstructions – many people do not realise that there can be interference from the surrounding area that effectively interrupts and stops the signal from reaching the satellite dish. For example, if there are overhanging trees when the wind blows the branches, it can stop the smooth flow of the signal. In other words, the line of sight is lost.
  • Lose arm – the arm connect to the dish can also work lose over time, with the wind making this worse. Again, this will mean that the signal flow is interrupted.

The solutions may be to cut back overhanging trees, re-siting the dish to a new place on the building and investing in a new arm for the dish – all of which we can do as part of our Sky installations and repairs in Falkirk.

I’ve been told that I can only have the smallest dish possible on my home. Is this correct?
Planning permission is not needed to install a satellite dish on a property but, there are certain caveats that control where they are sited.

For example, many local authorities will stipulate that the smallest sized dish must be used wherever possible but, in some remote areas in order to get the minimal quality signal needed (50%), the size of the dish may be quite large.

As part of our Sky installations and repairs in Falkirk, we measure the quality of the signal being received and will advise customers accordingly.

How often do satellite dishes need replacing?

Satellite dishes have no moving parts, but rely on cables and connections to be able to transmit the captured signal to the TV set top box.  

Connections can rust, the arm can move and so on but in the main, they rarely need replacing. However, if you suffering picture freeze, you may need our Sky installations and repairs service in Falkirk.


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