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Installing Sky? Want to know more about our Sky installations and repairs in Erskine?

Many people assume that to have Sky or another provider installed, that they have to use their satellite dishes and engineers. But this is not the case and neither do you have to call them when you think there is an issue with your system.

As a local and independent company offering Sky installations and repairs in Erskine, we can diagnose faults with your system quickly, and offer a full repairs service too.

  • Satellite dish placement

The satellite dish needs to be placed in a position where it has a clear line of sight between it and the satellite (or the sky!). Therefore, placing a dish on a ground floor flat that is in the shadow of another high rise block will not allow for a high enough level of signal quality. We measure the quality of signal in various positions, giving you options of where you would like the dish placed.

  • Places where you cannot put your dish

You do not need planning for satellite dishes at most properties but some local authorities will have certain stipulations about where you can put it and the size of dish. For example:

  • Not all councils are keen on dishes being placed on flat garage roofs
  • Neither do they want dishes at ground level, such as in the front garden; many local authorities will stipulate that the dish needs to be attached to the side of the house or property
  • The dish needs to be the smallest size that it can be in order to get the best quality of signal; only when there are certain conditions can you opt for the biggest size of satellite dish
  • Most local authorities also ask that you choose a colour of satellite dish that blends with your home or property, and the local surroundings
  • If you live in a listed property, it is always wise to check what the local authority wishes are with regard to the use of satellite dishes
  • When the signal is affected, the picture is lost

When the signal from the satellite is lost or its quality severely compromised, the picture on your TV will be affected. A heavy downpour of rain or severe wind will impact on the signal, although this will return to normal when the weather has passed.

If an interrupted picture continues, then you will ned our cost-effective Sky installations and repairs in Erskine.


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