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It is possible – although rare – for a Sky installation to not meet the minimum standards to ensure that a customer receives an excellent picture on their TV. In some cases, a dish can be installed in a location that does have a full, unobstructed view of the satellite, which leads to a poor quality signal to your Sky box.

When the weather is bad, this can mean that the picture is lost and so on. It may be that your need a professional Sky installations and repairs service in and around Edinburgh to rectify the problems.

  • Pitched roofs – a dish that is installed too low behind a pitched roof or directly below a roof overhang, will not work to its maximum efficiency. If the signal quality is below 50% in good weather, when the weather does close in it can mean picture quality is seriously degraded.  The dish may need realigning or re-mounting.
  • Obstructions – in built up areas such as cities, there are many obstructions that can compromise the quality of a signal. In some cases, this could be trees and foliage obstructing the clear path of the signal. Frustratingly, as the foliage of a tree is blown around in the breeze, it can lead to intermittent picture freezing. You would not think that the smallest of issues could cause a problem with your viewing! The dish may need to be moved if this is the case.
  • Off balance – a Sky dish needs to be horizontal in order for the LNB arm to be able to capture and transmit the necessary data. Test this with a spirit level (if you can safely access the dish - if not, call us as this is covered in our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs service in Edinburgh). Even the smallest of tilts in one direction or another which means the dish is not horizontal can lead to an interrupted picture.
  • Waterproofing – there are no moving parts in a Sky dish but, there are connectors and these mush be adequately weather proof. When the waterproofing of connectors starts to break down, rainwater starts to seep in and this can manifest itself in poor picture quality, intermittent freezing of the picture and eventually a complete loss.

The majority of solutions to these problems are quick and simply – if you know what to look for and how to rectify the problem.

If you are having difficulties, and are not sure what is causing the problem, we can diagnose faults and issues through our Sky installations and repairs service for Edinburgh customers. Start enjoying your Sky channels again


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