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Rain, rain, come again another day! as the song lyrics plead but, the rain still falls. On one hand we are grateful as it is something we need but, when we are in the middle of watching our favourite programme on TV or just about to witness the cliff-hanger at the end of an episode that down pour of rain can be responsible for a loss of picture from our Sky dish.

Our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs service for East Kilbride customers is exactly what you need…

  • Poor quality signal in heavy rain can be due to the dish being out of alignment. The dish needs to be horizontal, over time, buffeted by wind and rain this can cause an issue or two with the signal not being sufficient to give a good picture quality. If the signal quality is below 50% in good weather, in bad weather it could be knocked out completely.
  • The LNB arm – the long piece that captures and beams the data from the dish to the set box – is susceptible to all kinds of weather. It can give years of interrupted service and then, with one massive deluge of rainwater, it ca be damaged. Rainwater can also be penetrating into the arm, thus leading to poor quality pictures and so on.
  • Cable damage is also a problem that we often comes across as part of our Sky installation and repairs service at East Kilbride properties. Over time, the outer casing of the cable trunk can become damaged by weather and through age. It can also be rubbed against the fabric of the building. When this outer water proof case is compromised, it means that rain water and moisture can build up inside, causing a loss of signal. Likewise, the connections can also be susceptible to rain water.
  • Thunder storms are not too common in this country but when they do happen, they can be ferocious. From unbelievable downpour of rain to heavy winds and so on, even the correctly installed Sky dish could possibly loose its signal. This should be a short term occurrence, returning to normal when the storm has passed. If not, there may have been damaged which can be diagnosed and fixe with our Sky installations and repairs service in East Kilbride.
  • Most Sky dishes in the UK are 43cm and perfectly adequate for an excellent picture but, there may be times when a larger dish would be better. This means that inclement weather should not be an issue.
  • Sometimes, replacing the LNB arm can work well. In older dishes and installations, the LNB may not be as sophisticated as more modern equivalents. This arm needs to be compatible with all Sky dishes or you could find that your picture quality gets no better at all.
  • The box itself may also need replacing. Technology moves on at a great pace and thus, the box that is only a few years old could be struggling to cope with the biggest pieces of data that are also more sophisticated.

Bad weather does not mean an automatic loss of signal! But, if this is happening, you need our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs service at your East Kilbride home – call to book an appointment today.


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