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Thinking of investing in Sky or another satellite TV provider? You will certain pieces of equipment but did you know that the provider themselves are not the only people who can fit your dish and provide the equipment you need?

If you are looking to install or need your current system repairing, why not take advantage of our Sky installation and repairs service in Dumbarton?

How do I know where the best place for the satellite dish is?

When we install new dishes, or relocate current ones, we check for the best place on your property that receives the best quality signal. The higher the quality of signal, the better and more reliable your TV picture will be.

The minimum recommended quality is 50%; anything below this will mean the picture can be too poor to be of viewing quality. Like an aerial, take a moment to look on neighbouring properties to see in which direction their dishes are facing; this will give you some clue as to where yours should be pointing too.

Will the size of the satellite dish make any difference?

Many people assume that the bigger the dish the better it will capture the signal. This may be true in some cases, however the planning departments of most local authorities insist that you have the smallest dish possibly to give you the best signal quality.
In most cases, the smaller domestic dish will suffice although some properties in some areas may need to be fitted with the larger dish. As part of our Sky installation and repairs services in Dumbarton, we make sure you get the best dish for the job!

What colour should the dish be?

Satellite dishes tend to come in a range of colours such as white, black or grey. In the main, most people opt for the satellite dish that best suits the style of their property. There is a preference that satellite dishes are in the colour that blends them with the property, rather than making them stand out.

However, at the end of the day, the choice of colour is yours.

If I live in a block of flats, can I have Sky?

Yes, you can and again, you may notice that other flats have satellite dishes attached to the exterior of their property. Some people enjoy a communal satellite dish but others will have their own dishes. This can be easy when a flat contains a balcony and the signal to the dish at this point is strong enough to give a decent picture on the TV.

If you are installing a new dish, or need some help solving a problem with your system, why not call and ask about our Sky installation and repairs service in Dumbarton?


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