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Weather has a lot to answer for. It causes flooding and distress, but we can also marvel at its beauty – but not when it interrupts our favourite programmes on TV.

In this day and age of technological innovation whipping along at a tremendous pace, you would think that we would know how to tame the weather and its occasional adverse effects on our viewing on our favourite soap opera. But the weather and Mother Nature cannot be tamed and so here are times when the weather does cause problems.

Some are temporary issues, resolved when the weather stops being stormy, raining or windy but, there are some damage and issues that have a longer term and repeated effect. And when this happens, you need our Sky installations and repairs service in Cumbernauld;

  • Rain and signal quality – the satellite dish needs to have the arm in a horizontal position but, over time, buffeted by the wind and rain, it could move. Thus the final balanced dish is now slightly off kilter and thus, the picture quality can be affected. The incoming signal quality in any Sky installation should be above 50%, as soon as it drops below this the picture quality is adversely affected.
  • The long arm of satellite – the long arm on the satellite (the LNB arm) is susceptible to weather conditions. It can gives years of faithful service and then in one hit of a gust of wind, it can be knocked out. Hence your picture can disappear completely, or be intermittent and patchy.
  • Cable damage – there are not many moving parts or components to satellite systems and are, in essence incredibly simple. However, should the cables become damage – rubbing on the exterior of the property in the wind, rain seeping in and so on – then again your picture will firstly become adversely affected, then may stop all together when the damage causes a complete stop in the flow of data.
  • Thunder storms – we may not have a huge number of thunder storms but when we do, they can give us a spectacular aerial display but, it can spell disaster for the Sky dish and its transmitting abilities. In most cases, interference last for as long as the storm rages, returning to normal after it passes. If it doesn’t, then clearly there has been some damage and you will need our Sky installations and repairs service in Cumbernauld.
  • Size matters – most planning authorities prefer households to use a smaller dish as possible, usually the dish that is 43cm in diameter. But, if it is too small, pointing in the wrong direction or damaged, it will not be able to do its job of capturing and relaying the necessary information.
  • Updating – again, keeping your dish up to date can be helpful in maintaining a good picture quality. For example, if your dish or LNB arm are very old, then replacing it with a modern version could be the answer.
  • Get a new box too – replacing the set top box can also be of great help in maintaining an excellent picture quality.

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