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The TV is important and with hundreds of channels, its sophistication has changed beyond all recognition. But, it is not a technology that is without issues and when there are problems with connections and so on, the picture on your TV can be lost.

From a fuzzy screen to a blue screen, uninterrupted picture and so on, most interruptions are temporary but, if it keeps happening you may need to look at Sky installations and repairs at your Coatbridge home.

With many years of experience, we know what to look for and where…

Is the dish correctly aligned?

In the first instance, we take a look at the dish itself. Many people assume that a rusty dish means that it is not capturing the satellite signal well enough and that replacing this will deal with the issue.

In fact, the dish bowl itself, rarely needs replacing but the arm may have succumbed to the ravages of weather. Wind can knock an arm out of alignment; this only needs to be a fraction of an inch in order for this to interrupt the signal from dish to TV.

Can trees cause a problem?

The weather is one aspect that can cause an issue or two with satellite dishes but another natural factor are trees close to your property.

As part of our Sky installations and repairs in Coatbridge, we have attended properties where the signal was interrupted when the wind blew – because it was moving thick branches and leaves around within the line of sight of the arm. Hence, capturing the signals in a continuous streams was proving difficult.

If your satellite dish does not have an uninterrupted line of sight within so many metres of your property, then it will need to be moved to a position where it is.

Are all the components compatible?

This is a common error that we correct as part of our Sky installations and repairs in Coatbridge.

You may be using an older cable to connect satellite to set top box and so on. These sables, although they look fairly incongruous, actually carry a huge amount of data from the satellite to the box and then on to the TV.

Akin to stuffing an elephant through a letter box, if you have older cables, they may not be able to cope with all the data-elephants being channelled through at high speed. Updating these cables can instantly provide relief for the frustration you feel at your favourite programme being interrupted.

If you are looking for reliable Sky installations and repairs in Coatbridge, we are the company to call.  


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