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More and more people are opting to have Sky as their main provider of their TV viewing, with hundreds of channels, from news channels to the latest blockbuster film, having Sky can mean that you are never stuck for anything to watch.

In the main, the system is not complex with very few moving, if any, parts. Likewise, it requires minimal maintenance but there are times when things can go wrong…

I lose my TV picture when it is raining heavily. Why is this?

The satellite dish captures the signal, and bounces this data to the arm of the dish. This data is then transported down a myriad of cables into your set top box, which is then fed, as a picture, to your TV.

In the main, there is little that interferes with this process. However, heavy rain can cause the line of sight between satellite, dish and arm to be lost. It may be that you don’t lose your TV picture completely, but can mean that the picture freezes for a few seconds or causes it to break up.

In many cases, this is a short term problem, lasting only for as long as the deluge of rain. However, if it is happening every time it rains, this may indicate that there is a problem and you need our competitively priced Sky installation and repairs in Clydebank.

I used to have a good picture on my TV, never had a problem. Then next door built an extension and ever since, the picture has not been as good. Family tell me I’m wrong, but could this new building have something to do with it?

The answer is you could be right! The outside environment that surrounds your property will change over time. From trees growing taller to people building extensions or new builds, they can all impact on the line of sight that the dish needs with the satellites.
If anything interrupts this invisible but important journey of signals from one aspect to another, the result is a poor quality picture.

As part of our Sky installation and repairs service to Clydebank customers, we test the quality of the signal. Anything below 50% is considered too poor to give a decent quality TV picture. The answer lay in re-locating the dish on the outside of your property to a spot where it gets the best quality signal.

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