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Having picture quality issues? Not sure what the problem is?

You need our competitively priced Sky installations and repairs in Clarkston.

There is not too much that can go wrong with satellite TV but when it does, it can leave you perplexed as how to fix it. With this in mind, we look at a series of scenarios that we have come across and how our Sky installations and repairs in Clarkston sorted the issues.

My TV picture is intermittent but, I’ve noticed it doesn’t do it all the time. What could be the issue?

In this case, the issue was a rusting and lose connector between the cable feeding into the dish arm that transported data to the set top box. Over time, the weather has loosed the connector and water has slowly begun to leak in. This caused the connector to rust. It didn’t do it all the time as when it had not rained or the weather was calm and quiet, the connector was able to hold its connection.

As part of our comprehensive Sky installations and repairs in Clarkston, we replaced the connector and checked the fixings of the dish too.

My picture on the TV is terrible when it is raining or when it is windy. Sometimes, it freezes completely and I have to switch it off.

Weather can interfere with the quality of the signal being received from the dish arm. This does happen from time to time. However, this should be minimal interruption and should not cause complete or long term picture freezing.

It may be that some of the connections have worked lose and so when the wind buffets the dish, the arm is also moving. The ‘line of sight’ needed by the arm to capture data and signal from the dish is off balance. This would effectively lead to a loss of picture.

Again, as part of our Sky installations and repairs in Clarkston, we re-attached the dish with new fixings. The improvement in picture quality was immediate.

There is a new housing estate being built close to my home. My neighbour says that we will need to realign our satellite dishes. Is he right?

There are times when new buildings in neighbourhoods can interfere with signal quality. The minimum acceptable signal quality is 50% and so if it falls below this, you will notice an issue with your picture.

It doesn’t mean that realignment is necessary but when the building work is complete, with our Sky installations and repairs in Clarkston we can test the signal quality to a dish. If necessary we can re-sit the dish for a better signal.


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