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Do have question about satellite receivers and so on?

Are you interested in Sky television services, but unsure what it entails? If so, why not call for advice on the best way forward and how our Sky installations and repairs in Bathgate can be the service that you need.

Many people enjoy the choice of programmes on offer from Sky and thus, they buy into all kinds of packages. From watching the latest blockbuster movie to catching up with programmes from across the pond, it is a great way to watch television.

However, some people also feel that it makes television a little more complicated. Instead of an aerial, there is a satellite dish, there is a set top box and a length of cable. When it all works in unison, it is fabulous but, in spite of its simplicity, this system can go wrong from time to time.

The good news is this: these small glitches are exactly that… And they are also relatively simple to repair too.

Do I need planning permission for a satellite dish?

We also suggest checking if there are any local by-laws that relate to where dishes can be mounted. Most local authorities prefer the smallest dish to be used unless it needs to be the larger dish in order to capture the highest quality signal.

Likewise, most local authorities also have a strong preference for satellite dishes to mounted and fixed securely to a wall, as opposed to freestanding in the garden or on a flat roof.

There may be other considerations too, such as when attached a dish to the side of a listed building and, some councils also prefer satellite dishes to be inconspicuous, thus you may need to choose the colour that blends in most with your property or area.

How is the direction of the dish determined?

Just like aerials, most dishes tend to point in the same direction thus, take a moment to look where other properties in your area have their dishes located, as well as in which direction they are pointing.

As part of our Sky installations and repairs in Bathgate, we determine the direction the dish needs to be in by assessing the quality of the signal received in certain spots in front or around your property. As a minimum, the signal needs to be 50% quality; below this and the picture quality will be poor.

Is Sky installations and repairs in Bathgate expensive?

No, our service is cost-effective and quick! Get your Sky system up and running in no time!


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