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“It’s raining, it’s pouring… why does my TV picture disappear?”

If this is happening to you, singing nursery rhymes won’t help but calling us for our Sky installations and repairs service in Airdrie will.

The symptoms often point to the problem but sometimes, the source of the problem can seem a little obscure.

Are the exterior components and junctions water tight?

There are very few, if any, moving parts in a satellite dish, its arm of the set top box and so failure is rare. When they do fail, it is because a small thing that has been building over time or, more accurately, something that has been wearing away.

There are connections between cables and dish, for example, which are usually metal. Over time, with all the rain that is thrown at them, these metal connections with start to rust. On its own, this is not too much of an issue providing the connection is water tight.
When it isn’t, this is when the rainwater seeps into the cable and it starts to malfunction. This is not something that will get better and thus, you need our Sky installations and repairs service in Airdrie. 

Are they wind damaged?

Wind has a vibrating effect on the dish and cables. Providing the connections are secure, this is not too much of a problem. But, if they are not, the wind will start to move them.
When this happens, the exterior casing on a cable trunk can be rubbed away and – you’ve guessed it! – rainwater starts seeping in. thus, you could start experiencing loss of picture, something that starts to happen more and more.

Often, fitting a new cable and re-securing the dish and so on solves the problem.

Is there anything in the way?

You would be amazed at how many customers we help as part of our Sky installations and repairs in Airdrie who have to have their dish re-sited on their property.

Nature is all around us and, year on year, trees grow. This is a great thing but if they have grown to such a height that they are so close to your property that they are interfering with the line of sight for your dish, you may not be capturing the quality of signal that you need to.
This may mean re-siting it, as well as measuring the quality of signal you currently receive and seeing if there is some way of increasing this.

Our Sky installations and repairs to Airdrie customers is comprehensive – we guarantee to get your Sky picture back!


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