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Frequently asked questions regarding satellite installations in Hamilton – what do you need to know?

Satellite dishes are a common sight on the exterior of buildings and homes. Gone are the days when out television viewing was limited to 3 or 4 channels, between certain hours of the day. Today, the viewer can enjoy channels 24 hours a day, with offering from game shows to talk show, documentaries and reality TV from across the world.

But there are still common myth and misunderstandings when it comes to satellite dishes and installation…

My satellite dish seems to be malfunctioning. Can you fix it?

Satellite dishes can malfunction from time to time however, in the main it tends to be component parts, such as cabling being worn away, or rust in connectors on the box of the satellite and so on. Anything that disrupts the signal from dish to set top box will mean that your picture is not good. In some cases, sound can be lost too.

The dish rarely needs replacing but, various component parts may need to be replaced to updated. We also assess the likelihood of the damage happening again and take evasive action. 

I have been told I can only have a certain kind of satellite dish on my property. Is that true?

Satellite dishes do not come in a range of choices – there are two colours (black or white) and there is the commonly accepted smaller sized dish or, there are also larger dishes.
In terms of planning permission, local councils tend to favour the smallest dish that will do the job of capturing signals. They also prefer satellite installations at Hamilton homes and business to ‘blend in’ as much as possible; therefore, in deciding the colour of your dish, opt for the one that is in keeping with your property and the surrounding area.

Can I have my dish in the garden, at ground level?

In the main, the answer to this is no. Councils prefer satellite installations at Hamilton properties to be on the main body of the property itself. Depending on local by-laws and planning guidance, satellite dishes in the garden, front or back, or on the roofs of garages and so on is not permitted.

Would a bigger satellite dish work better?

There are some properties, notably in rural, isolated spots that may need a larger satellite dish but, in the main, the ‘power’ in the capture and relaying of information from dish to set top box is more than adequate in the normal sized dishes that you see on homes across the country.

Satellite installations at Hamilton properties are quick and easy to do; find out more by calling us today.

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