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What is satellite TV…?

…and why professional satellite installations at Glasgow properties is the best way forward!

Gone are the days when our viewing experience was brought to enforced halt at midnight; no longer is the choice of channels and programmes limited to 3 or 4 main channels.
Across the globe, there are large and small production companies, making all kinds of different programmes from quiz shows to reality TV, to documentaries of all kinds of topics. TV, the box in the corner of many a room, is now the focal point of many a family’s evening.

Satellite TV has opened up a whole new realm of TV, making stars and celebrities out of ordinary people. More and more people are investing in satellite TV services but in order to access them, they need a different kind of aerial to the step ladder type one, commonly seen fixed to chimney stacks across the city.

Satellite installations at Glasgow properties involves fixing a spoon, shaped dish to the outside of the property. As satellites pass high overhead in space, the signal is beamed back down to earth where the dish ‘catches’ the signal, reflecting it back to the small transmitter type box in the arm overhanging the dish. This signal then travels down the cable, through your provider’s box and - hey presto! – on your screen you have the latest instalment of a soap opera from Down Under, or a reality TV series on the life of a celebrity from across the pond.

Multi-room features

But, it is rare for a family home to have just one TV. The box in the corner of the room has come of age and can be found in the kitchen, the dining room, the bedrooms… and, in some cases, in modern, luxury bathrooms.

What can be a source of frustration is that the satellite channels are only available on the one main TV, usually the main one in the lounge or living area. It is possible to have multi-room satellite although this does incur additional charges from your satellite provider.

Many people assume that this means more than one dish is required as part of satellite installations at Glasgow properties but this is not always the case. There can be a connector installed to the dish that allows for more than one feed to come off the dish; this cable will then need to be connected to the room in the house where the other TV is located. This can mean securing cable over and above the roof, as well as around exterior walls etc.

The beauty of engaging a local company to complete satellite installations at Glasgow properties is that any assignment, no matter how big or small is finished neatly. Why not call us to find out more?

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