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Is planning permission needed for new satellite installations within Edinburgh?

Opting for cable TV, such as SKY, is great in so many ways; all of a sudden, a whole world full of all manner and kinds of TV programmes from around the world open up to create an amazing viewing experience. But these cable service also offer so much more than Japanese game shows; you can low effectively ‘pause’ live TV or pause the film, to nip out and make more popcorn.

The whole viewing experience is phenomenal but, before you hurtle headlong in to mounting a satellite dish on the outside of your property, you need to be aware of a few things. To circumnavigate any possible planning issues for satellite installations at Edinburgh properties, it pays to get the benefit of an expert local aerial and satellite installation installer.

The planning checklist

There are considerations when it comes to mounting satellite dishes, such as;

  • Check if you need planning permission – this is particularly important if the building is listed
  • If not the homeowner, you may need to seek the landlord or owner’s permission
  • Rather than completing the job yourself, always entrust it to reputable and authorise satellite installation company
  • The size of the dish is important too – opt for the one that will give you good reception (and no bigger) and within any specified sizes or limits for the property or area
  • Place it in an inconspicuous place – although we are all well-used to seeing satellite dishes on properties, the planning checklist for these dishes suggest that satellite installations at Edinburgh properties are placed, wherever possible, where neighbouring properties are not directly looking at them, they are unseen from the front of the house (preferably) and blend in with the environment (some people, as a result prefer black satellite dishes to white ones)

Cheap is not always best

As a result, investing in the cheapest dish is not always the best in terms of aesthetic appeal of your property and the signal you will receive within your home either. In fact, planning guidelines go on to suggest that, should you no longer need the satellite dish, that it is removed from the exterior of the property as soon as possible.

There are many other considerations when it comes to choosing the right type of satellite installation at your Edinburgh home or business, and these can all be addressed with our friendly team.

Why not call us to find out more – and get a free quote – on satellite installations in Edinburgh?


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