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Do you need planning permission for satellite installations at Cumbernauld properties?

There always seems to be confusion about what you can and cannot add to the exterior of your property, especially in areas where property may be listed or in an area that may be marked as being a conservation area etc.

In most cases the addition of a satellite dish is a ‘permitted development’ but, it is always wise to check. This is why getting in touch with a local, reputable aerial and satellite installation company is a wise move…

If I don’t own the property, can I still have a satellite installed?

We work with many tenants in both private and social housing. Satellite installations at rented Cumbernauld properties is not usually a problem but you will need to seek permission for your landlord or property owner first. The responsibility of checking and obtaining permission lies with you, as the tenant.

Do I need planning permission for a satellite dish? My neighbours said they needed to obtain permission but someone told me not to bother.

In areas where there are listed properties or conservation areas you may find that you need planning permission. In some cases, planning permission as such, may not be required but you may find that there are certain criteria that you must follow.

For example, in order to minimise the impact of a satellite dish on a property, some councils ask that the dish colour blends with the property as much as possible. Hence on older properties, we tend to use black dishes as they are less obvious than bright white ones!

How big can the satellite dish be?

In all satellite installations at Cumbernauld properties, regardless of whether they are listed buildings or not, should have the size of dish that gives them the best reception… and no bigger. Councils are not too fond of gargantuan satellite dishes on the sides of houses, regardless of location.

Does it have to be mounted on the house?

Not in all cases but, if you intend placing the dish anywhere other than on the front, back or side of your property then you will need to consider that there are additional considerations, some of which are related to planning permissions. For example, planning permission may be required if you intend on mounting your dish to the front of the property, such as in the front garden. In this sense, placing your dish in an inconspicuous place is preferable.

Satellite installations at Cumbernauld properties need not be complicated or costly. Why not call us to find out more?

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