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Home cinema installations at your Hamilton home – which will you opt for?

Home cinema is fast becoming a popular installation in homes around the country. And, when you see the amazing viewing experience, you will understand why. If you are a film buff, or simply enjoy a brilliant viewing experience, them home cinema installations at your Hamilton home will be simply perfect.

But, what will you opt for?

  • The screen

You are investing in home cinema installations for your Hamilton homes because you enjoy a high quality viewing experience. You effectively have two choices: a TV or a projector.

TVs are bigger, thinner and lighter, with some brands offering curved screens, as well as three-dimensional viewing (3D). They can be wall mounted or free standing on cabinets and so on. They offer superb viewing experience.

Projectors are now much more powerful and cheaper than what they once were. They too, can offer a superior viewing experience but, they do need more care and attention than a TV would. For example, the bulb will need replacing after so many thousands of hours of viewing and this is a cost implication. It will also need to be cleaned as the projector has a fan that it uses to keep cool during operation.

With a projector too, unless you have a completely flat, white wall you will need to invest in a drop down screen. This way you are guaranteed a superior viewing experience.

  • The sound

However, home cinema installations at homes will only be the amazing experienced promised IF you invest in a surround sound system too. When doing the installation yourself, it can be easy to forget this important element.

TVs and projectors have very little in the way of sound quality and, compared with all the viewing equipment you have, can sound too tinny and too lost. A surround sound system is needed to provide power and bass to the sound of movies and so on. It is true to say that you can hear a pin drop, and the roar of firing canons is exceptional!

Are home cinemas for every day viewing?

Why not? TV has come a long way since the early days of what now seem like gargantuan boxes that favoured the corner of every lounge. Home cinemas are not just for films, although the description would suggest that they are.

Home cinema installations for Hamilton properties are simply perfect; close the curtains and pull the blinds, make the room dark and then switch on. Prepare to be dazzled and amazed with great viewing, and even better sound.


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