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Enhance your TV and film viewing experience – how home cinema installations are perfect for so many Glasgow homes!

At one time, in the corner of every lounge was a small box on which various grainy pictures would be transmitted. We would be enthralled as we watched various programmes, gasping as the capers of our favourite TV soap characters and wincing with the actions of our favourite superhero film.

It is true to say that our viewing experience has been enhanced beyond anything that could have been imagined back in the day of black and white grainy pictures. But your viewing experience could be notched up a level more with home cinema installations that many other Glasgow customers are currently enjoying.

There are three important factors when it comes to the basics of designing and installing such a system…


The whole point of investing in professional home cinema installations at your Glasgow home is that your viewing in enhanced with amazing reproduction of high definition picture. This can be done with a high quality television or, as some people are choosing to do, through a projector. Both have pros and cons; many people feel that the projector option dictates that a white screen or completely smooth surface is needed, otherwise the quality of the picture is somewhat distorted.

Projectors can be cheaper than TVs and are easy to operate; they can be fixed in position too, but do require cleaning and will need their bulb replacing after so many hundreds of hours of use (these bulbs can be expensive…) The TV is, of course, making huge strides on what seems like a daily basis, bringing better quality pictures to customers. Equally at home as part of home cinema installations in many a Glasgow property, the TV can be freestanding or wall mounted.


Viewing is only one important aspect of home cinema installations at your Glasgow home; the other is sound. What can let the how cinematic experience down is the rather tinny sound that the TV or projector can have; the sound quality needs to be enhanced with a surround sound system. Many a customer has been amazed at how much more detail can be heard in a film or programme; from the thunder of hooves from behind the sofa, to the delicate breathing of a human.


It may seem initially odd to list darkness as a quality of home cinema installations in Glasgow but, you don’t sit in glorious daylight at the local cinema, do you? This is because natural light can bleed the colours on the screen, diluting them so that you are not really able to appreciate the depth and richness of the colours.

Home cinema installations at Glasgow properties are a fabulous investment; why not find out for yourself?


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