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The way you are watching TV is changing… how home cinema installations at your Edinburgh could revolutionise your viewing experience

You don’t have to be a film buff to understand that today’s viewing on film and various TV shows and documentaries have changed. When you think back to the grainy black and white days, along with the limited choice of TV channels, compared to modern-day offerings of high definition and three-dimensional film and TV, you can appreciate why many more Edinburgh customers are looking to home cinema installations.

The choice is yours!

If you are seriously considering home cinema viewing, then there are a few decision to be made…

  • TV or projector

The sizes of TVs are bigger than the 26” black and white portable TV you probably had has your first television set. They can now reach a mammoth 50” (measured diagonally, from corner to corner) and some brands are creating curved TV screens to enhance the viewing.
Likewise, some TVs also have 3D capability which, providing you have the right viewing gear – the glasses! – then you can watch an amazing array of sights spiralling out of the screen.

The other choice is a projector. The smallest of boxes, wall mounted or from the ceiling, can throw an amazing image but, you will either need to invest in a screen or have a wall on which the image will be projected plastered completely flat.
There are pros and cons to each of these choices; some opt for the tried and tested technology of which they are familiar, investing in a huge TV and others opt for the projector approach.

  • Sounds

Either choice will see you needing to look at surround sound. As part of home cinema installations in and around Edinburgh, the issue of sound needs to be discussed early on.
The most amazing of TVs or the latest projector will only have a certain sound quality, and it is far from the surrounding and enveloping you in the room. Imagine watching a film, and feeling the thunder of galloping hooves or the war cry of the enemy echoing all around you. The sound should envelope you, placing you at the centre of the action.

  • Light

And finally, you will need to consider light. In most cases, unless you revamp the cellar, most home installations in Edinburgh tend to be in the main lounge area. To get the best visual display from either TV or projector, you need to decrease the amount of light; black out conditions is to be honest, perfection.

Home cinema installations in Edinburgh are popular; could you be our next customer?

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