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Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Kilmarnock.

5 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Invest in CCTV at Your Home or Business

With all this smart technology making our lives easier, if you have ever thought about investing in CCTV for your home or business (or both), there has never been a better time. And here are five reasons why investing in CCTV is a great move;

#1 Deter Criminal Activity

You just don’t know when an opportunist thief is going to strike and this is why CCTV is a must. It is ever vigilant and with sophisticated additions such as motion sensors and lights, you can take solid strides in deterring criminal activity on or close to your property.

CCTV sends a clear message to would-be thieves and criminals. It is now widely accepted that a property protected by a dog or CCTV is less likely to be targeted.

#2 Peace of Mind

You may not live in a crime-ridden area but this doesn’t stop you feeling unsafe. For example, you may have staff working late at your premises or you are regularly home alone and just want that extra security measure. CCTV could be what you need as by recording movements, should anything happen you not only peace of mind that you can spot this without you or your staff being in danger but you have clear evidence that can be produced and used in court.

#3 Easy to Use

Modern CCTV systems produce high-quality film and photographic evidence but they are not complex systems to use. By using a professional and local CCTV installation company such as Mathers Satellites, you can be confident you have the best system for your business, as well as full support and training on its use.

#4 Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies like to know that their customers take all reasonable steps to protect their property and this is exactly what CCTV does. Investing in CCTV at your Area 1 property is about you taking steps to protect property, people and possessions. There are many happy customers who are saving money year on year with lower home insurance premiums.

#5 Gather Quality Evidence

And, for when the worse happens, you need to produce irrefutable proof of wrong-doing and with a modern CCTV system the quality of the picture is much better than that of older systems. As well as colour, some cameras also operate in high definition, meaning that the recorded proof needed for successful prosecutions is in place.

CCTV is about protecting your property, giving you and your family peace of mind that you have taken extra security measures. And for great prices on CCTV systems and installation in Kilmarnock, you need to call us today!

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