CCTV Hamilton

Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Hamilton.

Our clients enjoy piece of mind because our CCTV systems provide:

  • A Visual Deterrent to Ward off Thieves
  • Real Time Monitoring on Phone or Tablet
  • Full HD Picture Quality - Same as Your TV

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Why Invest in CCTV at Your Home or Business?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) was invented in the early 1940s and has been put to a myriad of uses since. For home and business owners, CCTV can offer several benefits.

And it is for these reasons that many people choose to invest in a CCTV system. With our expert team designing and installing your system, you will get a great piece of kit within your budget too. Simple to operate, it can revolutionise some parts of your business as well as peace of mind for the home owner.

Homeowner Benefits of CCTV

The biggest reason why homeowners invest in a CCTV system is SECURITY.
You may not live in a crime ridden area but there are times when we all feel vulnerable in our homes. It may be a spate of burglaries in a nearby location, or stories in the local press of ‘conmen’ knocking at doors telling homeowners there is a big problem with their roof.

CCTV is vital for collecting evidence and this is why many homeowners think that CCTV is a worthwhile investment. They can see who is standing at their front door, who has been on their property etc.

Some CCTV systems can now be accessed remotely via a PC and that means keeping an eye on your property when you are away.

Business Benefits of CCTV

As well as SECURITY, businesses invest in CCTV for other reasons too:

  • Health & Safety – businesses have stringent health and safety guidelines and laws to follow. Failing to adhere to these can lead to serious injury and in the worst-case scenario, death. Monitoring health and safety practice is essential, more so in some industries that others. CCTV helps a business to monitor health and safety and, if necessary make changes for the better.
  • Protecting Business Interests – employee misconduct can and does happen. It can involve theft of money but in some cases, intellectual or commercially sensitive property and material. Unfortunately, there are times when CCTV footage has to be called upon to provide the evidence of misconduct and/or criminal behaviour.
  • Assessing and Improving Productivity – CCTV is a common sight on the production line but is not used to monitor staff, as such, but to check on the productivity of the production line as a whole. CCTV will often be the tool that communicates there is a need for intervention, i.e. something is jammed, or there is a backlog of goods etc. Many businesses rely in CCTV to supply them with this information.
  • Compliance – there are also some sectors that must have CCTV to comply with specific rules and regulations. This is common practice in the financial sector, for example.

Invest in a Bespoke CCTV System at Your Property

A bespoke CCTV system is a cost-effective addition to a home and business – call our expert team today on: 0141 848 1991

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