CCTV Greenock

Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Greenock.

The Benefits of Investing in CCTV

CCTV was a system developed during the Second World War by the Germans who wanted to monitor the take-off of its newly developed V2 rockets. From this, the use of CCTV became widespread as a means of watching and monitoring an area, people or machinery. Not everyone is a fan, believing that we live in a ‘Big brother era where, as ordinary citizens, everything we do is monitored and recorded.
For property and business owners, however, CCTV at their premises have many benefits…

  • Reassurance – CCTV can ‘keep watch’ on areas of your property when you are in another part of your home or business, or you can keep an eye on things remotely. With the advent of the digital age, keeping an eye on your property via remote means including CCTV have developed considerably.
  • Cost-Savings – for business owners, the cost of full-time security personnel or outsourcing security to a specialist firm is a considerable cost. CCTV at businesses is far more cost-effective, although it can be used along security firms.
  • Around the clock monitoring – a CCTV systems can monitor 24 hours of the day every day of the week throughout the year, incurring no extra charges or costs for ‘unsocial hours’.
  • Reduce insurance premiums – a correctly and professionally designed and installed systems can save you money on your insurance premiums as insurance companies favour customers who pose less of a risk.
  • Remote monitoring – not all CCTV systems are equal and for some home and business owners, a closed system that can only be accessed on-site and by a few people is key to their peace of mind. For others, having a most responsive system that alerts them no matter where they are, that someone has entered onto or into their property is what they want. There are many systems available to suit all budgets: why not contact our team for a competitive quote?
  • An effective deterrent – a thief is an opportunist and when interviewed, thieves and burglars gave their countdown of things that most them off a property: as well as dogs, they say that CCTV is a put-off, making their chances of them being identified or caught much higher. Along with home intruder alarms, CCTV is a very effective crime prevention device.
  • Verifies what happened and when – CCTV at properties and business have others uses as well as crime prevention: the evidence gathered can provide useful verification of what happened and when, as well as who was involved and not involved. Some businesses do use CCTV to monitor staff and production lines too, with CCTV evidence providing unequivocal evidence of wrongdoing (as well as catching humorous developments and people do great things!)
  • Reliable, effective and flexible – a professionally designed and installed CCTV systems at your home or business will bring a flexibility to how and when you monitor your property but done so in a way that is both reliable and effective.

Call our expert team for more information about CCTV for your home or business.

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