Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Glasgow.

Why Opt for CCTV at your Glasgow Home or Business?

Outgoing Scotland yard Chief, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, advocated the use of private CCTV systems on properties to help the police in their pursuit of criminals. His comment came after the pictures from a close-circuit television on a private property recorded a fatal hit and run of a toddler.

Although there may be merit in his comments, there are many other reasons why people opt for CCTV systems at their businesses and homes.

In the main, people opt for CCTV in Glasgow for their own benefit. Providing you use the system within the law, CCTV is an enormous advantage;

#1 Prevention

For criminals, the opportunity to cause vandalism or theft is an opportunity that presents itself. If they a property with fencing, locks on windows and CCTV cameras, they are less likely to target that property.

As a crime prevention method, CCTV on Glasgow properties is one of the best. With new technology, you can also remotely access your system when you are not in the property to see what is happening outside.

The system can also alert you when there is an issue.

#2 Important evidence

When a crime has been committed – such is the case of the hit and run – the quality of the picture and what it records can be used as evidence.

Modern CCTV systems produce evidence-quality pictures. In other words, full colour and high-quality, nothing like the black and white grainy videos and pictures of the past.

#3 Act as a deterrent within the local community too

When people know that houses and business premises are equipped with CCTV, is does act as a deterrent, preventing criminal behaviour in many instances.

However, as the property owner, you need to be responsible and act within the law. In other words, you must make it clear to people that they are being filmed via CCTV and if you live on a busy street, you need to ensure that your cameras are filming on your property. It will catch a portion of the pavement and road area.

It is important the camera is no pointing into other people’s property and that your system is recording information that protects your property.

#4 Your peace of mind

You may not live in a crime-ridden area and yet, crime will happen. Some of it is senseless – like vandalism to your car – and other crimes are invasive, such as burglary.

CCTV at Glasgow premises, both domestic and business, will provide peace of mind and a confidence that you are taking steps to prevent crime, protecting you, your family and property.

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