Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Edinburgh.

Why Install CCTV at Your Edinburgh Property?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is used by many property owners, domestic and business, to protect their property. But why should you consider it?

Invention of CCTV

Invented in 1942 by Siemens, CCTV was used to monitor and record the launching of the Nazi V2 rockets. By getting closer to the rockets as they were launched, the engineers could understand how they reacted under pressure.

CCTV has been used in all kinds of situations and applications. In modern times, CCTV cameras perched high above city streets and major town’s give police and other law enforcement agencies surveillance opportunities.

Whilst not everyone agrees with this, for property owners, private CCTV systems can be the deterrent and the tool that they need.

Smart modern systems

Modern CCTV systems are a far cry from the grey and grainy pictures associated with older system.

Today’s CCTV systems offer full colour pictures, with what some people call evidence-quality images. In other words, the picture is clear and thus presents an opportunity to really see what is happening and what is being recorded.

With modern systems, you can also monitor what is happening around your property by accessing the closed system using a smart phone, tablet or PC. Some systems can also alert you when they detect motion, perfect for being able to see what is happening when you are not at the property.

A great device and system

We think of CCTV as a deterrent (more on this in the next point!) but for many businesses, and some domestic property, CCTV is an opportunity to see who is visiting your premises, when they leave and so on.

For those with mobility or health issues, being able to see who is at the door is important in deciding whether to answer is or not. CCTV is not about catching people out or being suspicious – it is a tool that is helpful in many ways.

A deterrent

For someone looking to burglar premises, whether it be a home or a business, the more obstacles in their way, the better.

Being able to enter and exit the building quickly and undetected is key to success. Locked windows and doors, are one obstacle and CCTV at Edinburgh properties that record around the perimeter and on the property, is a huge deterrent.

And with some modern systems alerting property owners to their presence, criminals and burglars are less likely to target your property.

There are regulations and guidance relating to CCTV, all of which you can talk to us in more detail. Why not call us now?


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