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Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in East Kilbride.

Benefitting from CCTV at Your East Kilbride Property – What You Need to Know

CCTV is a surveillance tool that many people use to protect their properties, both at home and business premises too.

There are, however, a few things you need to know…

You must tell people there are CCTV cameras in the area

A simple sign informing people that they are under CCTV surveillance is all that is needed. This is important for both domestic and business properties.

Cameras should only gather information you need

In other words, their position and the direction in which they point should be important for your own property. Pointing them in the direction of neighbouring properties is not acceptable and although you may capture some information from people walking by and vehicles driven past, providing they are not the main source of your surveillance, you are within the law.

You can’t keep the evidence for longer than is needed

Not only does the information you gather need to be appropriate and relevant to you, you must only store this information no longer than is necessary.

There is no time limit specified in the Data Protection Act thus making it hard to determine what is an appropriate length of time. However, if there are issues, they tend to be immediate and thus most people build into their system a timeframe within which time the information stored will be wiped clean.

They are a great deterrent

Thieves and burglars are opportunistic – an open door, an unattended and unlocked vehicle, a property that looks to have several easy entry and exit points etc.
CCTV is a significant deterrent. Modern systems are full colour, the picture quality is such that even in dark clothing and their hood up, it is possible to pick out distinguishing features of a thief.

Also, the pictures and film are also of a high enough quality to be used in legal proceedings. The fear of being caught is enough to put most people off hence, CCTV on East Kilbride property are an important part of your crime prevention measures.

Smart, modern CCTV systems

CCTV was invented by Siemens in 1942 and first used to monitor the launching on V2 rockets. Modern CCTV systems are accessible from your smart phone, tablet and laptop.

There are also some systems that will alert you, if you are not at home or in your business premises, when they detect movement in and around your property.

CCTV at East Kilbride properties is a worthwhile investment – and within budget too!


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