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Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Cumbernauld.

Our clients enjoy piece of mind because our CCTV systems provide:

  • A Visual Deterrent to Ward off Thieves
  • Real Time Monitoring on Phone or Tablet
  • Full HD Picture Quality - Same as Your TV

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CCTV for Your Property – What You Need to Know!

Can I design and install my own CCTV system?

In essence, with a smattering of DIY skills and an ability to understand close circuit television, wiring and the like, you could potentially install your own CCTV system.
However, as an expert and professional CCTV installer, we understand the smaller details that impact on how effective a system is.

There are also legal obligations that you need to be aware off. Fall foul of some of these regulations, and you may be faced with prosecution and a fine etc.
These obligations apply to both household CCTV systems and those used in businesses.

How do I introduce CCTV to my employees?

CCTV is commonly used in businesses of all kinds. In fact, it has now become so standard that most people are aware it is there, but understand it is there to protect them.

However, CCTV monitoring the car park is one thing but having CCTV monitor working areas, corridors and other areas of your business premises may not be popular.

In some industries, it is a compliance issue to have CCTV in key work areas – this is true for the banking and financial sector. However, it is not in other sectors and industries.

Employees will be right to be sceptical and uncomfortable about bring ‘watched’ and ‘monitored’. It implies a lack of trust on the part of management relating to their employees.

This is why it is important that your employees are introduced to the system before it is installed, consulted on how best to introduce it and also to ensure they are clear about where the CCTV will not be monitoring – for example, in and around bathroom areas, changing areas or where people may feel their human right to privacy is bring violated.

You will also need to make it clear to employees what will happen with the recording, how they will be used and so on.

Can CCTV be used at a domestic property?

Yes, it can. CCTV for properties can be sophisticated, offering the user a level of control that was hitherto unknown with basic systems.

Many people use it on their homes to monitor who comes to their door, who enters their property and so on. There are, of course, cases of people using CCTV in their home as a tool to gather evidence against employees who they suspect of a crime.

CCTV is a great system for giving you peace of mind, an extra layer of security as well as a more responsiveness business. Why not find out more?


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