CCTV Coatbridge

Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Coatbridge.

Why Choose CCTV for Your Home or Business?

CCTV is effective in that it offers so much in the way of security for premises but why should YOU opt for a CCTV system, designed and installed by a professional?

#1 They Are Effective

There are many deterrents you can place in or around your property or business that act as potential barriers to criminals. Security lighting and burglar alarm systems are just two ideas but an effective deterrent is CCTV.

#2 CCTV Systems are Sophisticated

Closed circuit television systems are effective because they are increasing in sophistication and no wonder when you consider the digital age that we live in. early examples of CCTV produce poor quality, grainy black and white images that make positive identification difficult. This is next to useless but with a modern CCTV system installed at your home or business, you have the very best picture quality at your fingertips.

#3 It Has a Reassuring Presence

CCTV is an effective deterrent. Modern systems are also a great way of gathering evidence, as well as monitoring situations as they unfold – and all of this is reassuring for you as a homeowner or business owner. It gives you a sense of security that your home or business is safe for you, your family and your staff, as well as customers and contractors.

#4 CCTV is Cost-Effective

There are many reasons why;

  • Reduce expensive crimes – crime is expensive. You have to replace stock and when a crime has committed, as part of the prosecution process, you may have to pay for legal advice and so on. With CCTV evidence, criminals caught in the act have no real defence and when the evidence speaks for itself, the rate of crime should not only fall but expensive contested prosecutions should too.
  • Cheaper insurance premiums – with professionally designed and installed CCTV systems insurance look on them favourably and reduce your premiums accordingly. This is because the chances of a home or business being burgled etc. is reduced with CCTV on the premises.
  • No need for security patrols – for businesses who take security seriously, there is often a need for security patrols. Some businesses with CCTV in dispense or reduce their need for physical security personnel because they invest in such high-quality systems. Others use CCTV to support the work of their security personnel and again, the cost-savings are great but without compromising on safety.

#5 Professional Designed and Installed CCTV is Affordable

When you come to us for a quote, you can be assured that you are buying into the latest, most sophisticated CCTV systems that will deliver on its promises. What are you waiting for? Call our expert team today to find out more.

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