Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Ayr.

Our clients enjoy piece of mind because our CCTV systems provide:

  • A Visual Deterrent to Ward off Thieves
  • Real Time Monitoring on Phone or Tablet
  • Full HD Picture Quality - Same as Your TV

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FAQs on CCTV Systems

We receive many enquiries about new CCTV installations, as well as upgrades and improvements. We thought we would gather some of these questions together to create a fantastic guide for anyone thinking of a CCTV installation at their home or business.

Can CCTV be installed at a domestic property?

Yes, it can. Many homeowners are investing in CCTV. The reasons are many and varied but often come down to feeling safer in their homes, monitoring what happens on their property when they are not there and to improve the security of their home too.

Some homeowners install the CCTV at their front and back doors, at their gates or in or around the garage or carport area. The extent of your CCTV systems will depend on your needs, your reasons for installing it and, of course, your budget.

Are their rules to how CCTV can and cannot be used?

There are and the basic two regulations you need to be aware of are:

  • Data Protection Act 1998

You need to be clear about how and why you are collecting information, especially if you are recording the movements of people. You also need to be clear about who has access to this information.

  • Human Rights Act 1998

This is an expansive piece of legislation that is used in a wide variety of settings. In the case of CCTV, the law refers to people’s right to privacy.

Two interesting examples…

A clothing store wants to install CCTV at their Area 4 shop to prevent shoplifting and to gather evidence that can be used to prosecute offenders.

They know that people are stealing clothing items by changing in their changing rooms but this presents a difficulty – can CCTV be legally, ethically and morally used in an area where people change?

In the case of a domestic property having the camera mounted above the door and pointing down so you can see who is calling is within the ‘law’ so to speak. But, if your camera is facing toward the road, some people argue that this is contravening laws as it is monitoring the movements of other people, of which you have no right to do.

And yet, the police have successfully used CCTV footage from private residences in pursuing and prosecuting offenders. The argument seems to be that if it is for the greater good but proving this is quite another!

We suggest having your CCTV monitor on your own property as far as is possible and, if it does catch sight and record movement on a public highway or space, that a sign is placed to tell people CCTV is in the area and recording.

Can I install CCTV myself?

You can but why spend all that time, buy special tools, mess with cabling and so on when you can get use a highly reputable firm like Mathers Satellites to design and install CCTV at your Ayr home or business?


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