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Mathers Satellite and Security provide customers with professional and CCTV systems across both the domestic and commercial sectors in Airdrie.

Is CCTV at Your PROPERTY Worth the Expense?

You may be wondering if bringing in a professional company to design and install the CCTV systems at your home or business is a good idea. Surely, it is just a case of mounting a camera, plugging and pressing record? Or is it?


CCTV is only worth it if it collects the information that you need it to at a crucial moment. For example, you want it to activate should a vehicle drive onto the driveway or the gate open etc.

If the positioning of the cameras is not where they need to be or the angle is incorrect, it won’t capture the evidence or information that you really need, rendering if a less-than-useless system.


CCTV athomes and businesses are used for a variety of reasons including monitoring of production lines, as well as a deterrent against people committing crimes in or on your property. When something does happen, you want not only useful evidence but evidence that has value. And when a case reaches court, it is helpful when the CCTV systems can be verified as having being designed and installed by a professional and reputable company.


With so much technology at our disposal, it could be argued the designing and installing your own system would be the more cost-effective option. But here’s the thing: when it goes wrong, who is going to fix it? When there is a glitch in the system who will find it (and quickly) and fix it?

As well as maintenance support, you also have the confidence that as a professional system it will lead to;

  • Lower insurance costs – with professionally installed CCTV systems at Area 4, insurance companies may well lower your insurance premiums as they know that CCTV is one of the most effective crime deterrents you could invest in.
  • Lower security costs – CCTV is not meant to replace security personnel at a business or retail premises but it can help to reduce the costs of outsourcing security measures full time. For example, the onsite nightly presence of personnel can be outsourced, with night-time CCTV cameras continuously running.
  • Reduce loss through theft – clearly, protecting your stock is essential and with CCTV, theft is considerably less than when there was no CCTV or means of monitoring.
  • Time-efficient too as evidence is available quickly – when irrefutable evidence is presented, most criminals realise when the game is up. With our CCTV systems, you can access the information you want quickly and easily, reducing time on your part.


For some companies, CCTV is a welcome addition and now, it is a system that is widely accepted as having its place around the home too.
For more information on affordable CCTV in Airdrie, call our expert team today!

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