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Questions about aerials in Wishaw?

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We have so many TVs in our house! Do we need more than one aerial?

No you don’t. Aerials on Wishaw properties can serve almost any number of TVs in the property. What you will need are various components that will split the signal so that more than one TV can use the signal. In some cases, you may also need a booster; this small box adds quality to the signal being received and makes for a better viewing experience.

There has been a new block of flats built by my property and ever since, the picture on my TV has not been as good as it was. My next door neighbour has been told it’s because of the new building and has been told to buy a bigger aerial. Is this the case?

The built environment can impact on the path of the signal from the transmitter to your aerial and may in some cases, require adjusting. The aerial, for example, may need to be placed on a longer pole so that it is higher up and able to capture a better quality of signal.

In some cases, the direction in which it points may need adjusting. In other cases, some homeowners do opt for a bigger aerial as this can improve the efficiency of the aerial to capture the signal. Our technician can run diagnostic tests so that you know if a bigger aerial is needed.

I’ve noticed that whenever the weather is really bad, the picture on my TV is not great. Why is this?

This affects satellite dishes more than ladder aerials but if the weather is causing some of the connections and cabling to work loose, it can affect the TV picture.

Thus, rather than it being the aerial at fault, it is the path of the signal from aerial to TV or set top box;

  • Wind can vibrate cables, causing connectors to work loose
  • Rain then seep in through these loose connections, as well as seeping in through any cracks in the outer cabling trunk. This water can erode connections.
  • Heat on long hot summer days causes a fog that we can’t see but this heat haze can cause the signal to bounce around, and not quite make it through to your TV very well. Although a nuisance, this is a temporary issue and will stop once the heat subsides.

If you have any further question or need help with aerials in Wishaw, call us today.

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