Aerials Stirling

Getting the right aerials in Stirling – and the right repair and maintenance service!

There are times when you will need a little help with your aerial. Although they are no complicated pieces of equipment and rarely malfunction, they may need some maintenance every now and then.

But when we don’t understand something, it can be easy for less-than-reputable companies to take advantage of this and lead you to believe that the only way forward is to buy an expensive new aerial. We show you that this is not the case…

Aerials – simple and sturdy

Aerials are sturdy pieced of equipment that will last a lifetime. And this is one reason why some people think that with all the recent changes with the type of signal being transmitted, that they needed a new aerial.

And some companies told them they needed a new aerial. But this is not the case.

Aerials on Stirling properties are the vessel, if you like, that captures the signal – and it really is nothing more complicated nor complex than that!

Just like a glass tumbler, it will hold water and then milk, and then you may use it for juice or lager. You don’t necessarily need to have a different glass for each material, the glass tumbler will do the same job as when it holds water as when it holds juice.

Your aerial on your roof is exactly the same. It will capture the waves and data transmitted by the tower, whether it is analogue or digital.

It is the TV that may need adjusting?

If you don’t have a smart TV with built-in Freeview, you will need a set-top box that is able to translate the information captured by your aerial and transmitted down the cable to your TV. These are relatively inexpensive and it is a one-off payment.
In some cases, more so with satellite dishes and cables, you will need to ensure that the cables connecting your set top box to your TV are able to cope, transmit and process the enormous amounts of data being sent to it – and that it can do so with the speed that your set top box and TV need it to.

Repositioning aerials on Stirling properties

It may be that your aerial needs to be repositioned or the cables and connectors need to checking to ensure they are still sound and weather-proof.

And so know you see why the need for a new aerial is not normally needed. To find out more, call Mathers Satellite!

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