Aerials Rutherglen

Facts about aerials on Rutherglen properties you need to know!

We often receive phone calls, asking about the cost of replacement aerials or ‘digital TV aerials’. This is because the customer is losing their signal and the TV picture is of poor quality. An immediate assumption is that they need a new aerial or that they need a different type of aerial.

As we will explain, the aerial you have will do its job for a long time yet…

There is no such thing as a ‘digital aerial’

Since the TV signal was switched from analogue to digital, less reputable companies have been conning homeowners and tenants into believing that they needed a new aerial. This new ‘digital TV aerial’ would capture the new signal, giving you a far superior TV picture – or so they said.

This, however, is not the case. Aerials can be referred to as digital, some more modern aerials are, but although they may look a little different, the modern aerial is just the same as its older cousin, just may be more efficient at capturing a signal.

A new aerial is not always the solution

If your TV pictured is pixelated or fuzzy, or it freezes etc., it may be more of an issue with the components, connectors and cabling of the system than the aerial itself.

However, you may need an aerial upgrade. In some cases, aerials on Rutherglen properties can be too small. When this is the case, the aerial is not as efficient as capturing the signal and thus the picture on your TV is not so great.

Our technicians can run diagnostic tests to find out why your TV picture is not the quality you think it should be, and whether a new or upgraded aerial is the answer or not.

One aerial can serve multiple TVs

Years ago, the family household had one TV. When the idea of a portable TV for the bedroom became popular, the set came with an internal aerial attached. The signal was not always great thus the TV picture was poor, most of the time!

However, the modern household can have many TVs but some people think that when this is the case, they will need more than one aerial. They assume that by having so many TVs, the signal is somehow diluted and this is why the picture can be poor on some TVs in their home.

This is not the case and there are all kinds of components that can make it easier to share the TV signal between TVs throughout your home.

For more help on aerials in Rutherglen, call Mathers today.

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