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Looking for repair services or replacement aerials in Renfrew?

If you are, you may feel a little unsure about what it is you are looking for. You may also be confused with the information you have found on the internet as some articles and websites can contradict one another!

Don’t be confused any longer. Take a look at our facts about aerials in Renfrew…

Fact 1 – Aerials rarely ‘breakdown’, malfunction or need replacing

The aerial itself is simple. It is a metal object, like a ladder. It captures TV signals being transmitted by the transmitter masts which are located all over the country. In most cases, the aerials will capture signals from the nearest transmitter. The aerial, once securely mounted, is aligned with this tower.
And that is really as complicated as it gets.

Fact 2 – It is the other components of the system that are more likely to fail

Your aerial sits on your property, year on year providing high quality TV pictures. Unfortunately, when components start to fail, it will affect the picture on your TV.

Connectors can rust or work loose, thus rainwater can start to seep in. The outer cable layer can warp and dry in the sun, leading to cracks; again, this means rainwater can seep in. Wind can work the fixings loose, meaning your aerial moves in the wind and this too can lead to poor TV picture quality.
All these things are easily dealt with by a professional aerial company such as Mathers Satellite.

Fact 3 – Bigger doesn’t always mean better…

Some people are led to believe that the bigger the aerial, the better the TV picture will be.

In some situations, but not all, a bigger aerial may be needed. In some built-up areas, a bigger aerial may be needed, mounted on a pole so that high quality signals are captured.  In rural areas, this may be the case too.

However, in most cases, the addition of a bigger aerial to your property will not make any difference to the quality of your TV picture, unless the TV picture being received is especially poor.
If this is the case, call Mathers Satellite for more information.

Fact 4 – You don’t need a new aerial

As we have hopefully convinced you, the likelihood of you needing a new aerial is low. We always encourage people to contact us as you can be assured of not only a high quality repair service, but great advice too. Even better, we are one of the most affordable TV aerial repair specialists around.

For everything relating to aerials in Renfrew, call us TODAY!

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