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Myths about aerials on Newton Mearns properties

From time to time, we hear various stories relating to why people had to buy a new aerial, why their aerial had stopped working and so on.

With this in mind, we want to dispel some of the common myths that still, to this day, perpetuate regarding aerials, how they work and so on.

MYTH – with the ‘new’ digital signal, you need a new aerial

The analogue signal has been switched off for some time now. With the advent of Freeview and satellite, some people were left confused as to whether they needed a new aerial or not.

Less-than-reputable companies and people preyed on this uncertainty, telling people they needed a whole new set up. As you can imagine, they charge them handsomely for this service.
The fact is, you do not need a new aerial with the ‘new’ digital signal. All this means is, that there is a new way of beaming out information but the aerial, as humble as it may look, is nothing more than a ‘scoop’ that ‘catches’ these signals.

It is the cabling, the Freeview box or built-in Freeview TV that does all the hard work of changing the information into a TV picture you can watch.

MYTH – your aerial can point in any direction as it no longer matters

It does still matter. Although you can set the region for local news via your set-top box or internal Freeview settings, your aerial still needs to be able to capture the best quality signal that it can. This is why aerials on Newton Mearns properties in the same street, usually point in the same direction.

MYTH – the bigger the aerial, the better the reception

Most planning regulations governing aerials (and no, you do not need planning permission to add an aerial to a property in most cases) stipulate that the smallest sized aerial must be used. Thus, in most cases, homes and businesses opt for the smallest aerial that gives them the best TV picture.

Larger aerials are sometimes needed in built-up places such as congested city centres, or for rural properties; in both cases, it can be difficult to capture a good enough quality signal thus, a bigger aerial is needed.

MYTH – repairs to aerials in Newton Mearns are expensive

Aerials are not complex or complicated pieces of equipment. But it can mean working at height. This is the factor that worries many people and thus, people assume that to engage someone to take a look at their aerial, to repair and so on, will be an expensive job.

But not when you call us. For a competitively priced service, call us today!

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