Aerials Motherwell

All that you need to know about installing aerials on Motherwell properties

Aerials are not complex structures and yet they seem to mystify many people. With the change over from analogue to digital signal, many people are even more confused. But as simple as they are, understanding them a little easier can be tough with so much conflicting information available.

A new aerial is not always the solution

Many people assume that when their TV picture starts to freeze or becomes of poor quality, the fault lies with the aerial. Thus, they assume they need a new one and less reputable companies will be happy to take your money, even though your current aerial is perfectly fine.

The aerial is the structure that captures the signal. There are no moving or mechanical parts, and neither does it wear out. It may be that there is a problem with connectors or cabling, or that the aerial is not big enough.

All these are issues that are easily remedied.

The higher the aerial the better the signal received

Aerials in Motherwell and normally fixed to the outside of the roof. Putting it in the loft seriously decreases the signal quality the aerial can receive.

The higher the aerial, especially in a crowded landscape, the better the signal it captures and thus, the TV picture is of a better quality.

The natural and built landscape can make a difference to the quality of the signal

You may not think it, but buildings, hills and mountains can stop a decent signal from being captured by your aerial. This is why in some cases, the signal seems to be lost ‘overnight’, resulting in a poor TV picture.

The direction in which the aerial points may need altering and the height of the aerial may also need adjusting. Only in a few rare cases, does the homeowner need to buy a bigger aerial!

In a TV region, the aerial needs to point to the transmitter in order to capture the best quality signal

Take a moment to look at other aerials in Motherwell, and you will notice that they all point in more or less the same direction. This is because they are pointing at the local transmitter. This means they are pointing to the transmitter closest to them and this also impacts on the quality of the picture received.

You don’t need a new aerial now the signal ‘type’ has changed

Some homeowners believe that now analogue has been switched off that they need to invest in a new aerial. This is not the case – to find out why, call Mathers today!

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